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Solution For Nitrogen Purity Reduction In Nitrogen Generators
Jun 08, 2018

For the purity of the nitrogen generator, the overall concept of the entire program is as follows:

1. Considering the current level of nitrogen production technology and economic considerations, Jiangsu Jiayu Nitrogen Generator adopts pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to make nitrogen, and the adsorbent material adopts high-performance carbon molecular sieve, which is directly separated from compressed air to obtain the purity ≥99.99. %, (non-oxygen content specified in the national standard) nitrogen. The equipment composition is simple, the equipment covers an area of ??less, operation, maintenance is simple, and the failure rate is low. And it has low energy consumption and low equipment operating costs.


2. In order to ensure the long-term, stable and normal operation of the PSA nitrogen generator host, the compressed air must be cleaned, removed, and deoiled prior to entering the nitrogen generator to meet the requirements of the nitrogen generator for compressed air quality.

3. To ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the entire nitrogen production system, the major components of Jiayu PSA nitrogen generators, such as molecular sieves, valves, and controllers, have adopted well-known brand products. To ensure that the entire system of equipment quality and safety, long-term, reliable operation.

4. Nitrogen-producing pressure swing adsorption is characterized by a certain relationship between nitrogen flow and purity. The higher the flow rate used, the lower the nitrogen purity. The lower the flow rate used, the higher the nitrogen purity. The user can adjust the flow and purity according to the use conditions.

5. The equipment operation is controlled by the PLC and the equipment runs automatically, producing a qualified nitrogen gas. The equipment is easy to operate and can be unattended.

The purity of the nitrogen generator has those influencing factors

1. The adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator is unstable, such as being too high, exceeding 0.8Mpa or the adsorption pressure is too low, lower than 0.6Mpa.

2, the air source contains too much oil

3, outlet part of the interface leakage

4, the air intake over the ambassador pressure rose too fast

5, molecular sieve poisoning nitrogen generator

The following measures can be taken to improve the nitrogen purity of the nitrogen generator:

1, reduce pressure loss, increase the pressure of the intake

2, air intake plus a storage tank

3, remove and re-plug

4, replace the molecular sieve

5, adjust the nitrogen inlet valve to reduce the amount of intake air

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