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Jiayu High Purity PSA Nitrogen Generator Features And Application Areas
Aug 17, 2018

Jiayu high-purity pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator is a device that uses carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent and uses pressure swing adsorption principle to obtain nitrogen. Under a certain pressure, the adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen in the air is different, the adsorption of oxygen by carbon molecules is greater than that of nitrogen, the carbon molecules adsorb oxygen, leaving nitrogen, and then through the programmable control of the pneumatic valve to open and close, to reach two The columns are alternately cycled, pressurized adsorption, decompression desorption, and oxygen and nitrogen separation are completed to obtain the desired high purity nitrogen.

Main features of high purity nitrogen generator:

1, modular design, small footprint

2, molecular sieve is the use of "automatic compaction" filling technology, molecular sieve bulk density is high

3, PLC control, can effectively monitor equipment

4, easy to install, easy to maintain later

5, original imported, each equipment is factory tested after rigorous testing

6, purity range: 97% ~ 99.999%

7. volume: 1-3000 m³/ hour

High purity nitrogen generator application field

1. Milk powder and soy milk powder: Flushing nitrogen into canned or bagged milk powder can prevent fat oxidation in milk powder and prolong the warranty period.

2, puffed, fried food: filled with nitrogen can prevent food oxidative deterioration and soft taste, and the shape of the package looks good, transport is not easy to crush

3, candy, small food: mainly suitable for the use of airtight bag packaging

4, cereals, nuts, vegetables, fruits: filled with purity of nitrogen, fresh preservation effect is obvious.

5, beer, wine, fruit wine, cans, blowing bottles, before use, can remove oxygen to prevent oxidation, corruption and fading of non-carbonated drinks and edible oils

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