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How To Choose The Right Refrigerating Air Dryer For The Air Compressor
Jul 03, 2018

How to choose the right refrigerating air dryer for the air compressor

The choice of refrigerated air dryers is generally concerned with the level of technical content. After all, I chose a working partner for my air compressor. If you choose a device with a beautiful appearance and a small size, you will feel that you have no bottom. This shows that they don’t understand the technology of the refrigerated air dryer. As the society continues to develop, science and technology are constantly improving. They have introduced foreign excellent manufacturing technology to replace the traditional technology, and the former heavy equipment has been replaced by new technology products. So how do you choose the right refrigerated air dryer for your air compressor?


The correct choice of several aspects of the refrigerated air dryer:

First, the appearance

Appearance is the user's first feeling. A Peugeot's exterior design can bring a fresh sense to the user. At the same time, it can reflect the designer's talent and wisdom. The appearance is important, but the appearance is only used to look at it. To use, the key to a truly applicable device is its inherent configuration.

Second, the internal configuration

The raw materials arranged in the refrigerating air dryer are the first choice of the manufacturer. The quality of the refrigerating air dryer depends entirely on the quality of the raw materials. Various kinds of raw materials are emerging in the market today. There are traditional technologies and new technologies. The raw materials of traditional technology are relatively bulky and cheap, while the raw materials of the new technology are small in size, high in price, fixed in quality, and suitable for air compressors. Therefore, the key to selecting a refrigerated air dryer depends on its internal configuration. Whether it is the use of today's new materials is crucial.

Third, volume and weight

A truly durable refrigerated air dryer is not determined by the size of the volume, nor is it measured by weight. The user wants to buy the effect instead of buying the volume and weight. The bulky mechanical equipment is as early as a few decades ago. Production has continued to this day, and it has long been replaced by new technology in developed countries. It is well known that it is not difficult to make any of the same products with traditional technology, but it is technically innovative to catch up with or surpass the developed countries. The manufacturing technology is not an easy task. As long as we adopt new technology and high-quality raw materials, we can also make good products with small size and light weight.

Fourth, the function of comparison

The function detection of the refrigerating air dryer is the same as that of other refrigeration equipment. It is also the energy efficiency ratio commonly mentioned in our industry. Generally speaking, it is the ratio of power consumption to cooling capacity. Under the same conditions, the power consumption is high. The lower the application life of the low-volume refrigerating air dryer, the higher the technical content of the refrigeration equipment with higher energy efficiency ratio, the higher the material quality of the configuration, the longer the service life, and the air pressure. The machine works better.

Fifth, the method of user detection

We can compare the same type of refrigerating air dryer produced by different manufacturers. We first look at its input power and then check its power consumption. The input power can be found on the nameplate of the compressor and fan. The total input power is equal to the sum of the compressor power and the fan power. We know that the total power is not difficult to obtain its rated current. The running current can be measured under the same application conditions (can be detected under zero load). It is completely judged that the refrigeration air system refrigeration system is scientifically matched. When the running current is higher than the rated current, it can be proved that the matching of the complete system of this equipment is unscientific. An unscientific matching system will bring the compressor Heavy pressure, the compressor runs under such high load conditions for many years, and the service life is greatly reduced. This is the reason why people often talk about burning compressors. The refrigerant pressure is lower than the rated current in the normal range. A refrigerated air dryer with low power consumption is a cooling device that is perfectly suited to the needs of science.

Sixth, the user's misunderstanding

Many people think that the application of the refrigerating air dryer is the same as that of other refrigeration equipment. In fact, its principle is the same. This is not to be denied, but its use is completely different. The difference is that other refrigeration equipment is from high load to In one operating condition of low-load operation, the operating load is getting lower and lower, while the refrigerating air dryer is operated under high load for 24 hours and years of time, so it is higher than other refrigeration equipment in production requirements and material selection. There are also many users who feel that the larger the size of the refrigerating air dryer is the most affordable. From the perspective of our professional technology and user responsibility, we should clearly tell the user that the larger the volume of the refrigerating air dryer, the lower the technical content. If you use the same material to make its volume small, you can imagine how much the failure rate of this product will be. The preferred product when buying a product should be the weight of the technology rather than the volume. There are differences, so when choosing a refrigerated air dryer, you must choose a product that is regular and has a professional manufacturer.

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