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How To Choose Food Nitrogen Generator
Jan 25, 2019

First, the requirements of food for nitrogen

1. The requirements of nitrogen in the food industry are not high. Many 98% purity can meet the requirements. The pharmaceutical industry usually requires nitrogen with a purity of 99.99%.

Second, factors affecting the cost of nitrogen generators

1. One-time investment in the entire system;

2. The service life of molecular sieves;

3. The life and cost of the accessories required during use;

4. Operation and maintenance, maintenance costs and electricity, water, compressed air consumption;

Third, affect the stability of nitrogen generators

Nitrogen generator is a high-tech product involving machine, electricity and instrumentation. It is especially important for the stability of equipment in long-term use. We can easily see from the composition of the nitrogen generator that there are two points that affect stability:

1. Control valve: For pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator, the valve must have the following properties:

a. The material performance is good, absolutely not leaking;

b. Complete the opening or closing action within 0.02 seconds of receiving the control signal;

c. Can withstand frequent opening and closing, to ensure a long enough service life;

2, the root cause of valve failure

Under normal use conditions, each program-controlled valve must be switched once every cycle (about 120 seconds). According to the nitrogen generator, 300 working days per year, 24 hours a day, the adsorption and desorption cycles are 4 minutes. Then each valve needs to be opened and closed more than 200,000 times a year. As long as one of the valves fails, the entire device will be affected. Therefore, the continuous service life of the valve is the most important part of the stability and reliability of the nitrogen generator.

Fourth, carbon molecular sieve performance indicators


b. Nitrogen production (Nm3/T-h)

c. Recovery rate (N2/Air)%

d. Filling density

The above indicators of carbon molecular sieve manufacturers have been noted at the factory, but can only be used as reference data, how to maximize the performance of carbon molecular sieves, which has a direct relationship with the process of each nitrogen producer and the height-to-diameter ratio of the adsorption tower. At the same time, it is very important to ensure the service life of the molecular sieve.

Five, food nitrogen machine brand

At present, there are many brands in the market. China Jiayu has 30 years of industry experience and can customize various nitrogen generators for special needs.

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