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7 Common Problems With Nitrogen Generators
Aug 10, 2018

In chemical manufacturing, many chemical reactions require high-purity nitrogen to be carried out, and a nitrogen generator is required. Nitrogen generator refers to a device that uses air as a raw material to separate nitrogen and nitrogen from it by physical means to obtain nitrogen. According to different classification methods, the nitrogen generators used in industry can be divided into three types, namely, cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method (PSA) and membrane air separation method. Any instrument has a fault, how to solve seven common faults of the nitrogen generator:

1. During the operation, the meter shows that the digital pressure does not reach the set value, which is caused by air leakage. The gas path is fully leaked, especially the drying room and battery.

Second, check if the battery is leaking.

1 Open the side panel of the instrument and observe the black rubber pad between the panels to see if there is any deformation or water seepage. If there is any, replace the battery;

2 After the nitrogen gas is input to the pressure of 5KG, the battery water circuit should be static. If the blisters are constantly emerging, the battery is broken.

Third, there is noise in the operation of the nitrogen generator

Is the solenoid valve ring: Use 14 wrench to properly adjust the tightness of the nut on the solenoid valve, do not be too tight; if it is not necessary to open the solenoid valve to clean the inside (the main reason is due to impurities in the internals of the solenoid valve), if the cleaning is finished No, you have to replace it with a new one.

Fourth, there is gas output at boot

When the starting pressure rises, press the red delay switch on the front, and then output the pressure from the output and wait for 10 minutes before using.

5. The nitrogen generator does not work, the display panel has no display.

1 Check if the power supply has power;

2 Whether the circuit plug-in is plugged in;

3 Check whether the insurance is burned out. The insurance is located in the wire socket at the back of the instrument (with insurance pattern). Use a small “one” screwdriver or a pointed metal tool to remove it. The insurance is 5A.

4Open the instrument side panel and check if the display panel cable plug is securely inserted.

5 Look at the indicator light on the circuit board inside the instrument. If it is not lit, check whether the insurance on the circuit board is burned. If it is burned, it must be replaced with insurance 3A. If it is not displayed after the change, the power supply must be changed.

Sixth, the nitrogen generator starts to display "000"

Check the air input on the instrument for gas input


7. After the nitrogen generator is turned on for 10 minutes, the number is displayed but there is no boost, no gas output.

Check if the solenoid valve insert is loose and loose. Use the universal meter to measure the two plugs of the solenoid valve. If there is no 220V voltage, you need to replace the power supply.

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