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Advantages of air separation equipment
Apr 13, 2018

Low cost: PSA is a convenient way to make nitrogen, which produces nitrogen in a few minutes after starting, and the nitrogen cost is lower than that of deep cold method.

High quality imported carbon molecular sieve: it has high adsorption capacity, high compressive resistance and long service life.

Strong technical force and excellent after-sales service: equipment containerized, on-site installation, only connect the air source, power;

Excellent electrical and mechanical assembly technology, providing continuous technical service, responsible for field debugging and training;

Low energy consumption: the unique adsorption tower, air system, carbon molecular sieve filling process, and according to different requirements of nitrogen making issued by the different process and different types of high quality carbon molecular sieve, adsorption tower volume was reduced, air consumption is reduced, so as to reduce energy consumption;

Intelligence: the humanized man-machine interface, intelligent control, you can do is to press the button, can continuous supply of the required nitrogen, solve your outsourcing nitrogen and the trouble of handling cylinders;

Personalized; For special customers, the pure nitrogen with purity of 99.999% can be directly obtained without nitrogen purifying device.

Modularization: with the modular structure of unique national patent technology, the equipment structure is clear and smooth, compact and beautiful, with great flexibility, so as to facilitate future system expansion and reduce investment cost.

Long life: adopt unique airflow control technology and molecular sieve loading technology to minimize the impact of airflow on molecular sieve, reduce the wear of molecular sieve and live longer.

Main technical indexes of air separation equipment - variable pressure adsorption nitrogen system.

Nitrogen yield 1~2000Nm3/h.

Dew point: - 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Nitrogen purity: 95~99.999%.

Nitrogen outlet pressure: less than 0.6mpa.

Compressed air: pressure is equal to 0.8mpa.

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