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Qualified Low Pressure Vessel

Qualified Low Pressure Vessel

Our campany can customize the air tank according to user requirements. We also develop and product various of vehicle braking air tanks, compressor gas oil separator and all kinds of air tanks as well as non-standard pressure vessel according to GB standard. Famous brand air tank, high quality, good match for air compressor.

Product Description:

Qualified low pressure vessel is a type of low pressure vessel, which is strictly in accordance with safety technology supervision type of pressure vessel design,manufacturer,inspection and acceptance. Featuring a vertical structure, this product uses vacuum powder insulation, with the advantages of a compact design,small footprint,centralized control,safe reliable,easy operation and maintenance.

The basic equipment includes joint for safety valve, exit for air discharge, joint for liquid indicator, liquid inlet, gas phase equilibrium mouth, liquid phase outlet, liquid discharge, etc.


  • High quality stainless steel plate Q345R, the thickness is about 13-16mm, wear-resisting, withstand voltage and resistance to corrosion.

  • Mature steady seamless welding technology, once-forming tank, beautiful,practical and quality assured.

  • The production process of tank through many comprehensive tests to ensure that no water leakage, no light leakage, no air leakage and no deflection. 

  • Many years'export experience, our air tanks spread all over the world. 

Product Parameters

  • The design temperature of pressure vessel is 150

  • Capacity:0.3-50m3

  • Pressure 8-40Bar

  • Main accessories:cut-off valve, needle valve, safety valve, liquid level meter, pressure gauge, temperature gauge,etc.


They are extremely versatile and have an important position and role in many sectors such as industry, civil, military, and scientific research,etc.


  • Regular cleaning

  • Prevent static buildup

  • Prevent oil from entering

  • Regular maintenance management

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