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Industrial Carbon Steel Air Tank

Industrial Carbon Steel Air Tank

Gas tanks are the supporting equipment for air compressors, the air enters the compressor and is sent to the gas tank after being pressurized, and then from the gas tank pipeline to various gas sites, the main role of the gas tank in the air compression system is to ensure that the gas supply is stable.

Product Description:

The gas storage tank is installed behind the air compressor and is an important accessory product of the air compressor. And carbon steel air tanks are container-type equipment, which is widely used in air storage equipment. This industrial Carbon Steel Air Tank is welded to the surface of steel body by special process. No other alloying elements are specially added. It has the advantages of no seam, no leakage, no toxicity, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. It makes up for the shortcomings of the rigid strength of the plastic rotomolding storage tank, the pressure resistance, the temperature difference, and is the ideal storage container for storing air!


  • Made of high-quality materials and is operated by advanced welding technology

  • Reduce the pressure pulsation caused by the discontinuous discharge of the compressor, and the balance between the supply and the use of gas is achieved

  • Reduce the temperature of the compressed air and reduce the load on the filter and dryer

  • The condensed water is collected and discharged for preliminary filtration

  • Store a certain amount of gas, and the output air pressure is relatively stable

  • Reducre the temperature in the gas path can be reduced

  • ISO9001 certificated and can pass any safety inspection

Precautions for use:

  • Carbon Steel Air Tank needs regular inspection

  • The working environment of the tank should be clean and the temperature in the equipment room should not be too high

  • Safety valves and pressure gauges are important signs in the use of tanks

  • The pressure inside the air tank cannot exceed the pressure on the gas tank nameplate under any circumstances

  • If there is a leak or some abnormal noise or the exhaust pressure rises and the safety valve does not respond, you need to stop the machine immediately

  • Please feel free to call for after-sales enquiry

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