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Natural Gas Dryer

we have been committed to the cause of gas engineering, specializing in gas separation, purification equipment R&D and manufacturing. We are a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of Natural Gas Dryer.

JY/JLNG series natural gas dryers use the adsorption power of molecular sieves to dry and purify natural gas. They are widely used in natural gas extraction, transportation, and gasification.

In accordance with the location of the equipment is divided into: pre-natural gas dryer (before the gas station), after the gas dryer (post gas station).


● It adopts the “heated regeneration drying method”, which is not limited by the freezing temperature of water and has a better drying effect.

● PLC control system, fully automatic operation, users can set according to their needs.

● Desiccant high strength, strong impact resistance.

● The controller-type solenoid valve actuator has a long operating cycle.

● Equipped with a decompression release line, zero regeneration of the regeneration gas and energy saving.

● The natural gas dryers are fully outfitted and do not require a special base, making it easy to install and maintain.

Technical indicators

● Volume: 1~400Nm3/min

● Dew point: -40~-70°C

● Working pressure: 0.8~3.0Mpa

● Intake air temperature: ≦45°C

● intake oil content: ≦ 0.01mg/m3

● Operating noise: ≦75dB(A)

● Working Environment: Indoor

Working Principle

It is a new explosion-proof drying device based on the principle of temperature swing adsorption (TSA) and pressure swing adsorption (PSA). The main working principle of its adsorption: when there is no dry compressed natural gas and the adsorbent fully contacted, the water molecules in the natural gas diffuse to the surface of the adsorbent and are adsorbed by “van der Waals” gravity. In the state where the temperature and pressure change, the amount of moisture adsorbed also changes. When compressed natural gas passes through the adsorbent bed, the water molecules in the compressed natural gas are dried due to adsorption. When the adsorbent reaches an equilibrium state (ie, adsorbs water) Saturation is reached. Program controlled AB tower switching regeneration, recycling.

Equipment Composition

The whole set consists of two drying towers and heaters, circulating fans, coolers, filters, and pneumatic valves that work in parallel. The equipment is controlled by the PLC and runs automatically.

Application Range

It are widely used in natural gas extraction, transportation, gas filling and other links.

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