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External Heated Air Dryer

Our company is one of the professional External Heated Air Dryer Manufacturers& Suppliers in China.If you are interested in any of our JY/JSR Series Micro-Heat Regenerative Air Dryers or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

JY/JSR series micro-heat regenerative air dryers have cleaner compressed air than Refrigerated Air Dryers.

Main Feature

1, Using a special process, desiccant use of molecular sieve with strong adsorption, better than other desiccants.

2, the use of industrial PLC - small solenoid valve - pneumatic valve actuator to replace the controller - large solenoid valve actuators, so that equipment long-term and reliable work.

3, equipped with a muffler, so that the noise reduction greatly reduced.

4, equipment is assembled on a metal frame, no special foundation, making installation and maintenance very convenient.

5, the switching time is 60 minutes, greatly reducing the amount of gas loss.

The Main Technical Parameters

Gas volume: 0.3-1000Nm3/min

Dew point: -40°C ~-65°C

Working pressure: 0.4-6.0Mpa

Inlet temperature: ≤45 °C

Intake oil content: ≤0.1mg/m3

Pressure loss: 0.02Mpa

Inlet pressure: ≥0.3Mpa

Regeneration gas consumption rate: ≤ 4%

Working environment: indoor

Working Principle

JY/JSR series micro-heat regenerative air dryer, which uses activated alumina with similar pore diameter and water molecule diameter as adsorbent, at room temperature according to the principle of variable temperature and variable adsorption, when the adsorption, the pressure of water molecules in the air is greater than the adsorbent The pressure of water molecules, water molecules into the adsorbent, the surface of the adsorbent condensed into water droplets, and the release of heat of condensation, the heat stored in the upper part of the adsorption tower. When regenerating, the molecular pressure of the water in the adsorbent is greater than the pressure of the water molecules in the air. The heat in the adsorption tower and the heat released from the heating cylinder evaporate the condensed water droplets more completely into water vapor, which is brought out of the machine by the dry air. .

Operation Process

● Turn on the power, adjust the controller working time and timing (general working sequence and running time have been set at the factory, users can refer to the timetable for adjustment), set the upper temperature limit of 120 °C, the minimum temperature of 115 °C, check Pressurized gas pressure is normal, press the start button to start (this device timing memory function, can be powered on automatically).

● Open the compressed gas inlet valve (self-provisioned) and open the regeneration gas vent valve. Adjust the control air pressure to 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa, open the dry gas outlet valve (self-provisioned).

● Adjust the regenerative flow valve to keep the regenerated gas consumption within 4% of the rated process gas volume. Turn on the No. 1 heating start control switch. If the temperature does not reach the set temperature, the No. 2 heater can be turned on at the same time.

● The entire system enters normal working condition.

Disabling the program

● Close the compressed gas inlet valve, dry the gas outlet valve, and exhaust the gas in both towers.

● Press the stop button to cut off the power of the control cabinet.

Application Industry

It can be applied to: pneumatic control of petrochemical, light industry, textile, fertilizer, metallurgy, electric power, telecommunications, transportation tools, pneumatic instruments, pneumatic components, and process gases in various industries to provide high quality compressed gas.

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