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Carbon Nitrogen Purification Device

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Carbon Nitrogen Purification Device in China, specializing JY/CHB series Carbon Nitrogen Purification Device.If you are interested in any of our Carbon Nitrogen Purification Device or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

It adopts original technological process to purify various nitrogen sources with oxygen content ≤3% into high purity nitrogen with residual oxygen content ≤1ppm. Using different catalysts, reactants and processes, the oxygen component can be converted into H2O, CO2, and CO. The whole process of computer monitoring and automatic adjustment, automatic operation. The best choice for high purity nitrogen,Safe, stable and efficient.

Functional Configuration

General configuration features

1, nitrogen purity, pressure, flow on-line monitoring

2, man-machine operating system

3, failed nitrogen automatic emptying device

4, molecular sieve automatic compaction

5, pneumatic valve switch automatically by the programmable controller

6, frozen air dryer, filter automatic sewage

Optional configuration features

● Remote control / fully automatic (special)

● Load adaptation

Technical Indicators

Processing gas volume: 10-500Nm3/h

Raw material nitrogen purity: ≤99.5%

Finished nitrogen residual oxygen content: ≤1ppm

CO2 content (CHB type) 5ppm-0.5% controllable

Dew point: ≤ -60°C

Working Principle

It is based on the principle of reaction of carbon atoms and oxygen atoms to generate carbon dioxide, selects high activated carbon reagents. At a certain temperature, two reaction towers work in rotation to produce continuous gas, suitable for There is no higher demand for CO and CO2.

JY/CHB series carbon nitrogen purification equipment

It's consists of reactor, cooler, dust collector, dryer.

carbon nitrogen purification equipment

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